Ahoy there!
Sometimes I'm a Story is gearing up for another
great year! Can you spare me five minutes to
tell me what you want to see on the blog during
2017? Thank you!
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How do you follow Sometimes I'm a Story?

How often do you read Sometimes I'm a Story?

How often would you like to receive new blog posts?

What kinds of posts are you most interested in reading?

What kinds of posts are you least interested in reading?

You could even tell me which posts I should stop writing in the OTHER box.

Did you have a favorite post this year? Alternatively, did you have a least favorite post?

Don't kill yourself thinking of the title or anything. Imagine you're filling in this question: "I totally remember that Heather wrote about ______ this year because it (was funny, was offensive, confused me, etc.)!" If that makes sense.
Is it important that I comment back to you?

How can I make Sometimes I'm a Story better?

This can be anything! Should I visit your blog more? Did I stop posting about something you liked? Do you want me to provide other content (i.e. roundups, vlogs, email newsletters, etc.)?
Is there anything else you want to tell me?

Your space to say absolutely anything. Do you have advice or questions? Is there something I do that you really hate? What are you reading? Are you Batman? Anything goes.
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